Modular 02

Woven on pedal loom
Made with Eco-yarn
Custom sizing
Made to order

All cotton pieces are made to order, allowing us to dedicate the necessary time and quality to each piece. We work directly with master weavers to ensure ethical practices. Production time varies per size, as seen in the selection above.

Wall Hanging

Soft, thick, heavy-weight cotton



Part of a triptych series, each peice is avaliable individually and in three length options. Our largest size works beautifully as a table, sofa and bed runner. Custom lengths avaliable by request. 
For interior design projects and wholesale orders, custom sizes and quanties are avaliable. Contact Us

These special textiles are a result of mixing traditional techniques and open experimentation with the artisans. Using a pedal loom, we create the more simplistic base layers of the textile with eco-yarn, made from recycled cottons. For designs that call for greater detail, we utilize the traditional backstrap loom which offers a more dynamic result. Our production times reflect the traditional methods, which could take as little as a couple of weeks to complete.

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Our pieces are made with 100% cotton. We thoughtfully source “eco-yarn”, a hand-spun recycled cotton: both ethical and sustainable. This method converts waste that is ready to go into landfill and incineration into high-value up cycled yarns. It is then dyed through a process where many colors are recycled from pigment waste to achieve the desired color.
We work with Zapotec weavers who have been mastering the art of weaving for more than 2,000 years. These experts, both women and men, traditionally work within their communities alongside their close family members, who have passed this high-knowledge down many generations. We create everything alongside the artisans, to eliminate exploitative middle men and pursue ethical practices.
Our main production studio is based in the city of Oaxaca, where most of the communities that we work with are located. Thanks to this proximity, we have been able to establish a strong working realtionship over the last 5 years.

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