Who designs the textiles?

Javier Reyes, founder of design studio rrres and co-founder of Landdd.

Who makes the textiles? 

We work closely with master artisans in Oaxaca, Mexico that we have developed close relationships with over the last 5 years. Get to know the artisans here︎︎︎

Do you have a store location?

Our studio and showroom is located at 714 NW Glisan St. in Portland, Oregon and is open Tuesday to Saturday from 1pm - 6pm.

Our production studio is based in Oaxaca de Juarez, Mexico and visits can be made by appointment only.

Where are they made?

Our work is designed in our studio in Portland, OR and handmade in the communites and homes of artisans living in Oaxaca, MX.

What are the textiles made of?

Learn more about our materials here︎︎︎

What is the process of making a textile?

Learn more about our process here︎︎︎

Are all the colors accurate?

Organic materials that are hand-dyed may have a slight variation in color. However we try our best to maintain the colors to that of our designs.

How long does production take?

Because we work directly with the artisans, our production times are much faster. ︎︎︎ Check out this timeline for more information. 

Do you offer custom colors or designs? 

While do not offer custom designs, we do offer custom sizing and custom colors. Contact us or see our ︎︎︎custom orders page.

Can I pick up my order from the store?

If your item is part of our limited on-site stock and you are located in Portland, OR, contact us to arrange a pickup. Orders can also be delivered to our store for local pickup. 

What form of payment is accepted?

See more info here︎︎︎

How long will it take my order to arrive? 

Most of our pieces are made to order. Productions times vary depending on your purchase. Once completed, your order will be shipped via DHL.  

Please see the orders and shipping information here︎︎︎


︎︎︎ Care Instructions Guide

Unpacking your rug: 

We fold the rugs when we ship to keep shipping costs affordable. Wrinkles formed by the folding will disappear in a short time. To speed up the process and remove wrinkles follow the steps below.

Step One: Unfolding

Remove the rug from the packaging and spread it out completely on the floor or a flat surface.

Step Two: Smoothing

Spray a little water with a spray bottle or wet your hands and smooth the wrinkled parts.

Step Three: Ironing

Using an iron at a low temperature, continuously pass over any wrinkles without pausing for long periods in any specific area. Please ensure there is enough moisture before using the iron.

Step Four: Repeat

Repeat steps two and three a few times. Wrinkles or bends should disappear within a few days.

How do I clean my wool rug?

Do not machine wash your rug. 

Vacuum regularly, once a week, or as often needed. Shake it outside to remove any sand and dust that can collect in the fibers.

The rug has two equal faces with the same design on both sides, we recommend turning it over every month or two.

Try to limit direct sunlight exposure to maintain colors and prevent fading.

Note: Wool is naturally resistant to water. Dirt and mud should be left to dry and can be vacuumed. Attempting to clean the rug while it is still wet can provoke more stains. Avoid machine washing.

How do I clean my cotton textile?

We recommend hand washing with gentle detergents and hanging it to dry. 

Do we need rug pads? 

Even in high-traffic areas, we have found rug pads are not needed. Our rugs are woven thicker and offer more traction. However, pads provide an extra level of cushion and non-slip comfort. 

How to remove a stain?

Luckily, wool is a highly stain-resistant material that’s easy to clean. The natural wax coating on every wool fiber automatically protects moisture from penetrating the surface. When a spill occurs, always consider the type of stain before taking action.

Use the clean-up options recommended in our Care Instructions Guide below to keep your wool rug in good condition.

︎︎︎ Care Instructions Guide

For all other inquiries: info@landdd.org


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