Sit With Us

An inclusive coaching experience & workshop. Designed for voices shaping the future of creative culture with Big World NRG with Los Angeles creative coach, Kristel Brinshot. Attendees will be guided through a group coaching session that will teach you how to embrace your cultural power, decolonize your relationship to burnout, and cultivate a strong sense of belonging at any table you choose to sit at or create. Accompanied by Landdd sounds, bites by Xiao Ye & a mezcal tasting from region of Oaxaca.  

Kristel is an Indigenous Latinx artist, creative director and founder of Hey Sis World; a community platform dedicated to growing the future of BIPOC creativepreneurship.

Her future-fwd POV has led her to collaborate with influential brands and artists worldwide like Nike, Snapchat, Nyjah Huston, Lil Yachty, and Bjork.

Cost—$165 USD
Guest—Kristel Brinshot, Xiao Ye, Tapache  

Set Design & Setting: Lillian Hardy x Landdd