Night Series 006: Ricardo Toribio - A Screening

Director Ricardo Ariel Toribio joins us at Landdd on 03.13.2024 from his homecountry of the Dominican Republic, after presenting at MoMA in New York City.  

Together we will watch two of his films, A Gavillero in the Sierra (2022) and Rebeca (2024). Post-screening, we will open the floor to Q+A’s and conversation, as translated by Monserrat Cota.

A Gavillero in the Sierra
7 PM —Tormented by violent events, a gavillero goes on the run in search of his freedom.

7:30 PM—Winding aimlessly through the Santo Domingo carnival, seeking to get lost in the noise and colors of the party, we find Rebeca, with more questions than answers.  

Time: 7 - 9 PM
714 NW Glisan St
Portland, Oregon 

Ricardo Ariel Toribio (Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic, 1993). From an early age he was inclined towards the art world. His first incursion was initiated among his brothers, in an artistic project called "La Parcelita", directed by his father, the painter, Ricardo Arsenio Toribio. At 16 years of age he moves to Santo Domingo to play percussion with the band “Rita Indiana y los Misterios”. In 2012 he meets directors Laura Amelia Guzmán and Israel Cárdenas with whom he collaborates in various film projects, among others, the film Dólares de Arena, in a protagonist role along side the famous actress Geraldine Chaplin. In 2017 he plays a secondary role in Cocote, a film by Nelson Carlo de los Santos. In 2018 he gets his degree in Altos de Chavón Film School. In 2020 he wins the prize for script writing for a film (FONPROCINE) for the short film: A Gavillero in the Sierra, shot in 2022 and premieres the same year during the Ninth Book Fair of History Books on the National Archive (Archivo General de la Nación). He is a co-founder of the craftsman investigation project The Weavers (Los Tejedores), publishing a Book-Object in 2021 that analyzes the weaving culture in Dominican Republic and Haiti.

March 13, 2024
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Guest— Ricardo Tiborio