Nerikomi 02: Peaches + Buona Notte

July 28


Join us for a  Sunday evening (4-7pm) workshop for our second Nerikomi class in collaboration with Peaches the Studio, a Portland-based ceramics studio. Over the course of 3+ hours, participants will learn to create nerikomi plate patterns with natural chocolate and cream stoneware. The process begins with learning work with clay, followed by stacking, slicing, and reassembling the clay into nerikomi block patterns. Students will then use custom plaster slump molds designed & made by Peaches to shape their nerikomi blocks into food-safe dishware.

During this class, our dear friends and local wine makers, Buona Notte Wines, will be serving a complimentary natural wine by the glass with bottles avaliable for purchase. Must be 21+.

Once the pieces are dried, they will be sent to Peaches' private studio for firing and glazing. Each participant will have the opportunity to fire and glaze up to four plates. After firing, the finished works will be available for pick-up at Landdd.

*For this class, we will be working with white and brown natural clay. Images depicted below are from our last class where we pigmented this clay with color, but due to the extensive time that goes into pigmenting the clay during the workshop -  we will not be pigmenting the clay and will be focusing on the pattern possiblities of Nerikomi  instead.


Note: Due to the nature of our workshops, tickets cannot be refunded after purchase. If you can’t attend the workshop after purchase, future credit will be applied to upcoming workshops at Landdd.  *Contact us for student pricing. 

Nerikomi (練り込み, lit. 'kneading') is a Japanese pottery term describing the artistic technique where multiple colors of clay are marbled or combined to create various designs.

Sunday 28 July
Portland, OR
4pm: Intro
4:30—5pm: Demo
5—7pm: Create
Clay, Tools, Glazing,
Firing. Snacks and wine provided.
Holding Dish

Decor Object
Skill Levels
All Skill Levels

Peaches’ work @peachesthestudio



Peaches is a multidisciplinary art, design, and mold making studio headed by Julia Sherman and Thomas Sprott. Peaches designs and creates highly thoughtful yet minimal objects that explore identity, self-expression, functionality, and color. Peaches prides themselves on the physicality and the labor they invest into their work.

The porcelain forms of Peaches are hand made through an intensive process of slip casting.  The greenware casted forms are then bisque fired to cone 06, sanded, and washed.  Next, glaze is applied to specific areas of the forms for functionality and the pieces are then glaze fired to cone 10.  Lastly, the vitrified forms are sanded smooth.

Buona Notte Wines

Here in the snow-capped volcanoes, rolling hills, and big rivers of the Pacific Northwest, we have found gastronomic poetry. Oregon has a deep food and wine tradition, driven by the unique culinary culture of Portland and the world-famous wines of the Willamette Valley. It’s the Buona Notte mission to add to that lineage.

Buona Notte is a natural wine maker, grown and handmade in the the Columbia River Gorge.

714 NW Glisan

Contact us
(503) 928 4236